Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Deal Of The Day: 17" Artisian Beaded Station Necklace

Deals of the Day-Pick of the Week
On Sale ONE DAY ONLY! 08/26/2014

Artisian Beaded Station Necklaces, 17"
Your choice $125.00

Sterling Silver: Beaded station necklace with a diamond cut design, crafted in sterling silver with rhodium plate overlay.
Rose Gold: Beaded station necklace with a diamond cut design, crafted in sterling silver with rose gold plate overlay.
Yellow Gold: Beaded station necklace with a diamond cut design, crafted in sterling silver with yellow gold plate overlay.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer DEAL of the DAY! Diamond Bangle Bracelets

Diamond Twist Bangle Bracelets 

This hand picked deal is being offered today only, 
August 19th, 2014. 

Available in Yellow, White & Rose TonesThese diamond accented bracelets are what's HOT right now, don't miss out!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Trending in Fashion: Color Blocking, Here is the 411

Color blocking has been a fashion favorite for some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going away. With summer coming to an end shortly, we thought we’d share with you four ways to incorporate color blocking into your wardrobe before drab winter hits. First, what is color blocking? Color blocking is defined as the method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit, usually bold and bright colors. You may be thinking you can’t pull this style off, but you’d be wrong! It’s a lot easier than you think.

-          Head to Toe color blocking: This is the most well known and most worn type of color blocking, embodying the true definition of color blocking. Simply start with a color and pair with different hues. To pull off this dramatic look, start with a bright hue like fuchsia and don’t hold back! To carry this look into fall, try color blocking with one of Pantone’s fall 2014 colors, like Misted Yellow or Bright Cobalt. Complete the look with chunky gold jewelry. Go big or go home, right!

-          Weekend color blocking:  Our favorite type of color blocking, not to bold yet still a stand out! The trick to the weekend color block is pairing your brightly hued pants with denim or chambray. Try a vibrant red pants for summer and Radiant Orchid for fall! The important part is keeping the focus on the pants, so stick with neutral flats or pumps. Jazz up the look with a studded collar.

-          Work appropriate color blocking: This look is very similar to the weekend color blocking look, but paired with black, tailored separates. It can be difficult to wear color in the work place but teaming a vibrant hue with black will leave you feeling fashionable and work-appropriate!

-          Pastel color blocking: This type of color blocking is perfect for the end of summer. Pair light pastel hues like blush and lavender with dark, wintery colors like olive and navy.

There you have it, color blocking 101. Now that we’ve given you some ideas on how to pull this trend off, will you be sporting any of these looks?  We also want to hear from you, send us your color blocking looks or tell us which type of color blocking is your favorite on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! 

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Friday, August 15, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: This week ROLEX Announced their NEW WATCH (Commemorating James Cameron's New Film)

While holding an event at the American Museum of Natural History on August 4th, Rolex made a very special announcement, an announcement that took a lot of people by surprise. Normally, Rolex unveils their newest watches at Baselworld, which takes place every March, but on a beautiful New York City night, Rolex broke from the norm and announced the DeepseaSea-Dweller with D-Blue Dial. The news came at an early screening of James Cameron’s new documentary, Deepsea Challenge 3D, where Cameron was also presented with the first Rolex Deepsea with D-Blue Dial.

This pairing came about in 2012, when Cameron worked with other companies and Rolex to design a new submersible vessel to explore the depths of the ocean. Rolex contributed by supplying Cameron with an over-sized version of the normal Deepsea watch, but one that could withstand the forceful amount of pressure at 12,000 meters under water, known as the Deepsea Challenge. With a Deepsea watch on his wrist and the 51mm Deepsea Challenge strapped to the outside of the vessel, Cameron was ready to make his journey to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the earth’s ocean.

This special edition watch, which commemorates Cameron’s dive and new film, is based off of the Deepsea Sea-Dweller 1166600 model. And when we say based off, we mean it’s extremely similar with a few changes here and there. Both Deepsea watches have the same 44mm case, 5mm thick sapphire crystal, depth of 12,800 feet, and titanium case back. So what makes this watch so special, aside from Rolex announcing it “out of season” and the fact that it commemorates Cameron’s journey? The dial, yes, the dial. The unique gradient dial transforms from blue to black to represent the depths of the ocean.  Another interesting detail is the word “DEEPSEA” is featured in bright green, which happens to be the same color of Cameron’s submersible, and has been moved from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.  

This collaboration and unexpected announcement has watch enthusiasts excited for what’s to come from the Rolex brand.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Diamond Hoops: ONE DAY SALE!

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Watch Bands: Leather, Fabric, Rubber Or Metal? That Is The Question..

With summer comes activity, heat, moisture, water sports and more. All of these things play a role in the lifespan of your watch and, more importantly, your watchstrap. Knowing what type of watchstrap to wear (if your strap is interchangeable), or what type of strap to buy, can go a long way in preserving your summer-wear timepieces.
Are you all about staying indoors and remaining cool? Taking in some movies, art galleries or museums? If so, a leather strap will suit you just fine. Leather straps offer comfort on the wrist and give a dimension to the watch that offers certain style flair. Dark, distressed leather can impart a vintage feel, while bright colorful hues exude a fashion-forward summery feel. Leather straps are made of all sorts of hides, ranging from calfskin to snake skin, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, stingray and more. Leather is relatively easy to take care of in the right temperatures, but – in heat and humidity – these straps tend to get a bit sticky on the wrist.

One of the hottest trends on the market today is the use of NATO straps. These fabric straps – offered in a huge variety of colors and patterns – converts any watch from serious to sporty in an instant. Today, so many watch brands – across all price points – use NATO straps on their watches. Also referred to as military straps, NATO straps have their origins firmly rooted about four decades ago when nylon straps were offered to soldiers because they were durable, could be easily cleaned and were not expensive to buy. Interestingly, while NATO straps are also referred to as military straps, there were not made for NATO troops, instead they garnered their name from the G10 form British soldiers had to use to requisition a strap. They were first referred to, in the early 1970s, as G10 straps.

Typically made of nylon (though also offered in leather), these straps are usually easy to change and extremely functional. They typically feature a keeper through which the end of the strap is passed after looping though the watch lugs and across the back of the case. This double security offers peace of mind that if a spring bar or other lug element breaks, the case is still held in place by the other lug. Stripes have become the typical pattern for NATO straps, with the color combinations often denoting some special meaning.  The great thing about these straps is that they can get wet, dry pretty quickly and usually don’t stick to the wrist. With constant water and sun, they may fade a little but that is part of the charm of a NATO strap. They are meant to be worn and are particularly good for rugged or extreme sports.
If you are the type who prefers the look and feel of a metal bracelet, that’s a good thing in summertime. Most of today’s metals are extremely sturdy. In fact, among the advantages of metal over fabric or rubber is that it holds up well in rugged outdoor terrains. The type of metal used naturally plays a role in the lifespan of a bracelet, but typically bracelets are long lasting. Titanium offers lightweight appeal, but steel and other metals offer a weight that some people enjoy feeling on the wrist. Naturally, metal is more expensive than most other materials (except for truly exotic leathers).
Generally, metal bracelets are created using individual links that are held together with either pins or screws, or both, and they can be sized to fit the wrist. Today’s steel watches are often coated with black or other colors via a variety of processes, such as PVD (physical vapor deposit). Bracelets are easy to care for, and typically can just be rinsed with water and dried with a soft cloth. Of course, bracelets can scratch – making them perhaps not the most ideal choice for mountain climbing or cave exploration. In short, summer activities and lifestyles may play a role in your material of choice. However, fit, craftsmanship and – most important – personal taste should also be considered.
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