Tuesday, November 15, 2016

4 Jewelry Essentials that Make Perfect Holiday Gifts


If you’re looking for a great gift for the special lady in your life, chances are, jewelry is somewhere on that list. I mean, what woman doesn’t love opening a box to find something sparkling inside? Well…A woman who opens the box to something totally not her style probably wouldn’t be too happy.

Luckily, there are a few staples that any fine jewelry loving gal would love to have, whether they are just starting their fine jewelry collection, or looking to add or upgrade. The key with these pieces are that they are timeless; transcending any of-the-moment trends while still giving her the sparkle of the finest gemstones.

Continue below for the fine jewelry essentials sure to make her smile this holiday.

Diamond Studs

A good pair of diamond studs can go a long way and last a long time. These are sure to be her go-to and will likely never come off since they go with casual looks, evening wear and everything in-between.

For Her First:

Hamilton Classic 18k White Gold  .25 ct Diamond Studs. $495.

For Her Upgrade:

Hamilton Classic 18k White Gold 1 ct. Diamond Studs. $4,950. (Finance from $105/month)


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Diamond Pendants

Just like diamond studs, a stunning diamond pendant works with any look and adds a touch of sophistication. This is another piece that is sure to get a lot of use for years or even passed down for generations.

 For Her First:

Diamond PendantHamilton Select .48 ct Diamond Solitaire Pendant. $1,850 (Finance from $40/month)

For Her Upgrade:

Diamond PendantLisette Collection 18k White Gold 1 ct. Diamond Double Halo Pendant. $10,450 (Finance from $222/month)

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Pearls have made a strong comeback over the past few years and a strand of high quality classic pearls never disappoint. The key with pearls is quality. The best quality pearls will look and feel better and with proper care will last a lifetime.

For Her First:

Mikimoto Pearls

Mikimoto 18k gold 16″ pearl necklace featuring A quality 4mm pearls. $1,260 (Finance from $27/month)

For Her Upgrade:

Mikimoto Pearls

Mikimoto 18k gold 16″ pearl necklace featuring A+ quality 8mm pearls. $6,840 (Finance from $146/month)

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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet has been a jewelry staple for generations; and still, no one is saying no to this timeless diamond look.

For Her First:

Diamond Bracelet18k White Gold .68 ct. Diamond Tennis Bracelet. $1,795. (Finance from $39/month)

For Her Upgrade:

Diamond Tennis Bracelet18k White Gold 2.75 ct. Diamond Tennis Bracelet. $5,925. (Finance from $126/month)

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet the Winners of the Grand Prix de Horlogerie Geneve 2016 Watch Awards


Last week we brought you a story about the annual watch awards known as the Grand Prix de Horlogerie Geneve (GPHG) and showed a few brands we carry that were in the final running. Well, the winners have been announced and we are pleased to bring some of the results to you now. Oh, and make note, you can view these award-winning brands in our store any time, and an even larger selection during our annual Watch Fair this Friday and Saturday at our Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens location.

Winning the Jewelry category is Chanel with its one-of-a-kind Secret Watch Signature Grenat. Powered by a quartz movement, the watch is set with diamonds and orange sapphires, and features a center carmine garnet weighing 52.61 carats.


The Tudor Black Bay Bronze self-winding watch, which uses bronze on the case, won the Petite Aiguille award. This watch will be available during our Watch Fair.

Finally, TAG Heuer won the Revival category with its affordable Monza Chronograph. This self-winding mechanical watch recalls the brand’s involvement in the auto-racing world.


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Grand Prix de Horlogerie Geneva Honors Top Timepieces of 2016


One of the watch industry’s biggest events —The Grand Prix de Horlogerie Geneva (GPHG) — takes place tomorrow in Geneva. Every year for the past 15 years, the GPHG has celebrated the finest timepieces on the market by honoring one watch in a host of different categories.

This year there are 12 categories, including Ladies, Ladies High-Mech, Men’s, Chronograph, Tourbillon, Calendar, Travel Time, Mechanical Exception, Petite Aiguille (best in show), Sports, Jewelry and Artistic Crafts. There is also a People’s Choice Award that is selected based on votes from the general public.


Approximately 160+ watches were submitted to the GPHG for consideration this past June. These watches were then culled down by a jury to the final pre-selected nominations of six per each within the 12 categories, for a final 72 watches. We will bring you the results of the awards next week, but here are a few nominees from the brands we are proud to carry in our store.


from Hamilton Jewelers http://www.hamiltonjewelers.com/blog/2016/11/09/grand-prix-de-horlogerie-geneva-honors-top-timepieces-of-2016/

Friday, November 4, 2016

Why We “Fall Back” in Time

Daylight Saving Time in the United States ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, when the clocks fall back by an hour, and many of us will certainly enjoy an extra hour of much-needed sleep. Meanwhile, our friends at ATimelyPerspective.com offer a fun look at the origins of DST, which happen to stretch back to the days of our Founding Fathers. Here is a little insight into the history of DST for true time junkies.


Some credit the concept of DST to American politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin, who, in a 1784 essay entitled “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light,” suggested people get out of bed earlier in the morning to use the light instead of candles.

More than a century later, in 1895, a New Zealand entomologist, George Vernon Hudson, who liked to collect insects in his free time, wanted more daylight time for his studies, so he presented a report to the Wellington Philosophical Society proposing a two-hour daylight savings time program. Though the concept wasn’t embraced internationally, it laid the groundwork for what would come later.

In 1905, British builder William Willett proposed the idea of DST, suggesting setting clocks ahead in April and switching them back in September. His idea caught the attention of Robert Pearce, who introduced a bill to the House of Commons in 1908. The concept was opposed by farmers in England and did not pass, but it laid more groundwork.

In 1916, Germany was the first country to implement DST and several countries followed suit, including America.


In the United States after World War II, states could choose whether or not they wanted to impose DST and on which dates. However, mass confusion caused Congress to establish the Uniform Time Act in 1966, which set a protocol for DST times/dates. Still, some U.S. states/territories don’t participate, calling out the dubious usefulness of DST.

As part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the length of DST in America was extended by four weeks, starting in 2007. Additionally, while it is recognized around the world, not all countries practice DST, and those that do, do so on different dates.

Daylight Savings Time image: karenroach/Bigstockphoto.com

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Power of November’s Birthstone: Citrine


November has arrived and while the leaves keep showing off their autumnal hues, this month’s birthstone, citrine, joins in with its yellow and orange colors seeming to compliment the world around us.

The warm, yellow tone of this stone is the perfect addition to a fall wardrobe, not only because it matches the environment, but also because its color has been thought to radiate positive energy.

If you have a business deal coming up, you might want to wear some citrine. Throughout history, it has been known as the ‘success stone’ since it is believed to promote prosperity and abundance, especially in situations involving business. It has also earned the nickname of ‘the merchant’s stone’ owing to the fact that business owners used to keep citrine in cash registers for good fortune.

For those of you not necessarily interested in business success, it is also said that citrine is able to dissipate negative energy, provide stability in life, and relieve depression and self-doubt.

Citrine is very affordable and versatile making it the number one selling yellow-to-orange stone. View our citrine birthstone collection here.

from Hamilton Jewelers http://ift.tt/2eY9uIW