Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hamilton Jewelers Opens New Rolex Shop in Shop- NJ Luxury Timepieces


PRINCETON August 19, 2015 -- Hamilton Jewelers has undergone a beautiful renovation in downtown Princeton that features a stunning new space dedicated to the iconic Rolex brand.  

The boutique marks another milestone in the long-standing relationship between Hamilton and Rolex.  In 1946, Hamilton was the earliest firm to offer the Rolex Watch Company’s “Oyster” timepiece to the Delaware Valley.  Another ‘first’ was accomplished when Hamilton brought the collection to world famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in 1977.  In 1986, Hamilton opened their third residence in a landmark building in Princeton at 92 Nassau Street, and Rolex was amongst the premier brands showcased at the new location.

Recently completed after several weeks of renovation, the new salon is a bright and sophisticated area representing a wide range of Rolex styles.    Hamilton is the exclusive Authorized Partner for Rolex in the Princeton region.

Hamilton Jewelers is a family-owned and operated firm with locations in Princeton and Palm Beach, FL.  Since 1912, Hamilton has provided successive generations of families and friends with impeccable service, value, and selection.  All items are responsibly sourced with care for the environment and communities.  For more information, please visit www.hamiltonjewelers.com.  

Jewelry: More than a Gift- it is Your Story... What's Yours?

Jewelry isn't just a nice gift, many times it's a part of our "story"...

  • Our History
  • Cherished Moments
  • Past and Present
  • Precious Keepsakes
  • Treasured Gifts
  • Favorite Memories

   Designer Jewelry New Jersey

Take a look at some of the best moments captured by the clients of Hamilton Jewelers. 

Click here to open up their stories .. or perhaps you have a story of your own? 
Email: GuestServices@HamiltonJewelers.com

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 10 colors for Fall- Pantone Report

Fall is just around the corner and many interested in fashion are watching the color wheel spin to see where it lands.
This upcoming season, the wheel is pointing to Mother Nature.  Expect to see deep earthy hues of every possible type. The fashion leaders will feature bold spins on greige (crossing the line between grey and beige- with hints of green). Accents and vibrant splashes of deep blues, oranges red and rust will collaborate to complement one another.  


Stormy Weather- Imagine October and sensing the weather change as the sky begins to darken just before a storm. This deep blue-grey mimics the murky warmth seen on a stormy crisp day. 

Oak Buff- This muted orange can be compared to the rusty leaves as they begin to change. Some have also compared it to the magnificent hue that appears just as the sun begins to paint the sky.


Marsala- Blending red, brown and maroon would be the best way to pinpoint this elegant tone. This is one of those elegant choices that compliments every skin tone.

Biscay Bay- Featuring a cool stir of Blue, Green and Teal, Biscay Bay is sure to delight. This mirrors the luxurious waters in Bora Bora.

Cadmium Orange: Sassy and daring, this hue demands attention. Awakening the spirit and bringing out the fun, this orange is a delight.

Dried Herb- This is a tamed version of the military green-brown tone seen years ago. Not quite bold enough to be called one or the other, this color is earthy at its best, some comparing it to soil.

Hamilton Jewelers Classic Gold Collection

Cashmere Rose- This color has been pulled from the archives (think 60’s pink bathroom tiles), but brought back breathing new life. Feminine, Gentle, Romantic and Sweet are just a few words used to describe cashmere rose.

Desert Sage- Slate grey kissing a milky blue sky can best describe this beautiful shade. Warm and becoming, this will easily transition from one gender to the next. Fashion for men will feature this color in many different ways- from dress shirts to socks.

Reflecting Pond-Blue Green merges with a deeper shade of grey to create this lagoon inspired selection.  What a delightful and attractive tint for this upcoming season.

Amethyst Orchid- This violet shade is so attractive that it almost gives off an own aroma. As sweet and soft as a blooming flower, this blush will be a welcomed addition to any wardrobe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Double Teardrop Diamond Lariat Necklace- under $100 - TODAY only!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Engagements Rings: Modern Meets Vintage with the Lisette Bridal Collection

Top Rated Jewelry Company

EXQUISITE Diamond Rings 

The Lisette Collection

The Lisette Collection 

You've found the perfect one. Now let us help you find the perfect ring. One of our Signature collections, The Lisette design is a modern interpretation of diamond solitaire rings. Our design team first selects fine quality center diamonds, and through an intricate art of micro-bead setting, surrounds them with smaller brilliant diamonds. Crafted in platinum or 18k gold, this exquisite design showcases your diamond with panache and style. Available in a variety of center-stone shapes and sizes.

Your Everlasting Commitment

This collection features modern sophistication set in a  timeless (yet unique) setting. Here are some examples:

Diamond Stores Online tend to offer similar designs and styles- but not Hamilton Jewelers. Our bridal collection showcases the finest diamonds in various shapes and sizes of the highest quality. Each setting is crafted to display optimal fire and brilliance ideal-  

You Waited Your Whole Life for Her....
Choose the Ring of a Lifetime

We are sharing this company because they are a top rated jewelry company and a trusted source for diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands. You can shop with confidence when you chose to work with Hamilton Jewelers. 

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Online shopping for every possible occasion and situation requiring a high quality solution. This would include the selection of an engagement ring, bridal bands, wedding gifts, luxury timepieces, accessories for men, office gifts, designer collections for the home and much more. Rated #1 fine jewelry stores. There is simply no other place to go.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Father of the G-SHOCK Watch is scheduled to visit NJ Jewelry Store for a meet and greet!


The father of Casio’s G-SHOCK, Kikuo Ibe will travel to three select G-SHOCK partnered retail locations across the United States to speak to consumers in an exclusive ‘meet-and-greet’ setting in September.

The event will engage the audience in two folds: touching base on the history of the G-Shock brand and providing insight on the current and future timepiece offering.

The four-hour long session will close with a signing and photo session opportunity.

The national tour will take place from September 12th, 2015 – September 17th, 2015 commencing in Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton, New Jersey.

               In-store event hosted by G-Shock Founder, Kikuo Ibe

WHERE:   Hamilton Jewelers
                 92 Nassau Street
                 Princeton, NJ 08542

WHEN:   September 12th, 2015 – 4pm
WHO:     Casio G-Shock Executives:
              Kikuo Ibe (Father of G-Shock)
              Shigenori Itoh (CEO/President of Casio)

For additional event information and RSVP confirmation, please contact:

Casio G-Shock – Event Coordination
Mike Eckhaus

Casio G-Shock - Press/Media Coordination
Sue VanderSchans

RedBar Crew
Kathleen McGivney

Hamilton Jewelers
Donna Bouchard

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Peridot : August Birth Stone- Unique as the One Who Wears It

Dubbed "The Healers Stone"-this beauty is radiant, unique and a stunning mineral.

 Interest Facts about Peridot:

  • It is one of the few gems that come in one color
  • Found in rocks near active volcanoes as it is created under extreme temperatures
  • Some Peridot minerals were discovered around areas where meteors hit the surface of earth
  • Mythical history dictates that this stone brings Good Fortune and Peace 
  • Many believe that this stone has healing powers- especially for the heart, lungs, eyes and stomach 
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