Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Because of the naturally occurring process that takes place to cultivate a pearl, these beautiful works of art stand the test of time. There is, without question, a stigma attached to pearls. These fine gems represent prestige, class and sophistication. 
Even though they are timeless, 2014 and fashion trends for 2015 are pushing them back into the spotlight. You can find them paired with a pencil skirt, casual trendy sweaters and featured on the necks of brides across the country. There is no mistaking the fact that pearls are trending right now.
Just like any comeback, these gems are being showcased "with a twist". Changes include interesting clasps, multiple lengths and unusual colors. These new pearls make a statement and need to be included in your wardrobe this coming year.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Coming SOON- WATCHFAIR @ The Gardens Mall : 2 Day Spectacular Event

Watch inventory from all locations will be featured in one place. 

Specialty... New... Limited Editions...Classic... & Pre-owned timepieces will be displayed and discounted for this special 2 day extravaganza- don't miss it!


                            WATCHFAIR: November 14th and November 15th

                                             The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Stop by and:

>Meet watch representatives from some of the industry's leading manufacturers

>Discover the distinctive collections and limited editions.

>Upgrade with a trade in and finally secure the timepiece you always wanted

>Mingle with professional watchmakers from across the country

>Participate in our FREE diagnostic testing of your watch

>Take advantage of special financing options and trade-in privileges

>Purchase that stunning watch with our 12-month promo, with payments, no interest.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Toggle Clasps on Bracelets HOT for the Fall

Toggle bracelets are a hot trend this year. This cool clasp can bring together classic styling with an added touch of elegance and personal flair. Designers such as Tiffany & Co have long established this eclectic look, but it has made a comeback for the Fall of 2014 ...with a twist.

Braided leather bracelets, watch bands, sterling, gold and stone embossed necklaces can all be found with toggle fasteners this Fall season. From casual attire to star studded runway shows, this is the one to have this year.

Hamilton Jewelers hand selects an item of the week that represents what's HOT & trending. 
Here is a sneak peek at the sale happening ONE DAY ONLY (online), Tuesday 10/21/2014. 

Hamilton is among the elite in online fine jewelry stores online and store locations in New Jersey. From luxury timepieces to trending hot fashion, they are by far one of the top jewelry stores in the nation, please shop with confidence.

Monday, October 13, 2014

FALL'ing for Flowers: Diamond Floral Pendant And Trending Dresses

Hamilton has a way of staying on trend, especially with classic designs that offer sophistication as well as a fashion forward sensibility. With that being said, each week there is a hand selected item that is featured and subsequently reduced for a one day only sales event. This week's sneak peek is below and the reduced price is scheduled to publish for a one day event on Tuesday, October 14th (so make sure to check back!).

Hamilton Jewelers has selected this magnificent piece:
 Open flower design with diamonds (set in Sterling Silver)   

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Designers everywhere are falling in love with Floral prints!  Nearly all lines are kissed with a hint of flower or doused with a large iconic bloom. Check out some of these featured dresses and skirts (courtesy of Elle's fashion trending report):

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Did you know that watches need to be serviced...just like cars?

Much the same as  your automobile, fine watches need upkeep and servicing. The degree of this administration relies upon the timepiece, its development and its age. Case in point, quartz watches by and large needn't bother with a considerable measure of support. They regularly require a battery substitution each two to three years, however some watch marks now offer quartz watches with a battery life of up to five years. The thing to recall about having your watch battery changed is to go to an approved gem specialist so you can make sure the store has the right battery and – even more terrific for water-safe watches – the right gaskets for assembling the watch once again after the battery change. Non compatible seals or gaskets can render your watch NON resistant to water and could easily be damaged.

Mechanical watches, much like vehicles, need general adjusting and tuning. The internal developments of the mechanical watch are gently greased up to lessen rubbing of the parts and guarantee precision and unwavering quality. Disintegration of the ointments happens and brings about higher grinding, expanding wear and tear and diminishes exactness and proper time management. A mechanical watch ought to be overhauled every 3-5  years by a retailer approved by your specific brand. 

Overhauling of a mechanical watch — particularly a vintage — is not a straightforward oil change as it would be with an auto. It is an exhaustive investigation where the watchmaker takes the case off of the watch, reviews the oils and greases and re-oils, if necessary. He or she likewise checks the apparatuses, the teeth, the wheels and the crown. The gem is reviewed for scratches, and the case, too. It is a complex process that requires some serious energy, patience and qualified exactness.

Using an approved retailer guarantees fitting parts and adjusting, as well as master consideration. Moreover, here and there the retailer will send the watch over to the brand if overhauling is more perplexing.

It is important to note that failing to properly maintain your watch could lead to the same demise as not changing the oil in your car: costly repairs.

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