Monday, October 13, 2014

FALL'ing for Flowers: Diamond Floral Pendant And Trending Dresses

Hamilton has a way of staying on trend, especially with classic designs that offer sophistication as well as a fashion forward sensibility. With that being said, each week there is a hand selected item that is featured and subsequently reduced for a one day only sales event. This week's sneak peek is below and the reduced price is scheduled to publish for a one day event on Tuesday, October 14th (so make sure to check back!).

Hamilton Jewelers has selected this magnificent piece:
 Open flower design with diamonds (set in Sterling Silver)   

                                                                   Click Here For Details

Designers everywhere are falling in love with Floral prints!  Nearly all lines are kissed with a hint of flower or doused with a large iconic bloom. Check out some of these featured dresses and skirts (courtesy of Elle's fashion trending report):

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