Friday, April 21, 2017

Top Watch Brands Support the Environment on Earth Day and Every Day


This Saturday, April 22, marks Earth Day, a time to celebrate Earth and her many bounties. Many celebrate with clean-up efforts, planting trees and committing to environmental protection efforts. The annual event was begun in 1970 and nearly 200 countries around the world participate — all managed globally by the Earth Day Network.


Today, many top watch brands also make a commitment to saving Earth’s resources. Some have programs and foundations to reforest regions of the world, others support clean-water efforts, and a host of brands support protection of our oceans.

Certain privately owned watch brands have environmental foundations that look after the causes, even offering awards and grants to those studying and pursuing investigation into conservation efforts. Brands, such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet, are top in this field. Some of the larger corporate-owned brands have different initiatives. For instance the LVMH Group (which owns Hublot, TAG Heuer, Bulgari and Zenith, among others) developed its LIFE program five years ago to make management more aware of ways to become environmentally conscious. Certain brands in the group have created their own strong messages, teaming with other organizations to bring clean drinking water to countries in need, or to save animals.


Over at the Richemont Group (with brands, such as IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Cartier, Baume & Mercier and others), sustainability is a big issue, and many of the brands have stepped up their commitment by making their factories incredibly advanced with special heating systems, air systems, recycling programs and more. IWC Schaffhausen also supports the Darwin Foundation and its protection of the Galapagos.


Often these brands have special watches made in honor of the organization or the effort they are supporting. Stop in  any time and see which brands we carry that support sustainability, the environment and Earth.


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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Spring

Spring weather is finally upon us and is hopefully here to stay, because we are ready to ditch the heavy jackets and sweaters and show off some fabulous jewelry. We are very excited about this season’s trends and we picked out some of our favorite new pieces that will enhance any look for a fresh start to the spring season.

The Fringe Earring

Gold Fringe Earrings

14k yellow gold and diamond fringe earrings, $850

Statement earrings continue to be a top trend on the runway and these fringe earrings are sure to get some attention while remaining light and airy so you aren’t weighed down as the weather gets warmer.


Rose Gold Wire Collar Necklace

Gold Wire Necklace14k Rose Gold Flexible Wire Collar Necklace featuring 1.59ct total weight of diamonds. $3,995

On the other end of the spectrum, super simple choker and collar necklaces made appearances in many designer’s collections. Our wire necklace adds a unique touch of sparkle to your outfit whether you want to mix up a classic look or complete your edgy ensemble without overwhelming the overall style.



The Classic Gold Bangle

Yellow Gold Bangle14k Yellow Gold Hinged Bangle. $1,095

Warmer weather begs for warmer colors and a classic yellow gold bangle always does the trick. New ways to wear bracelets were a huge trend on this season’s runway, so if you are looking to shake things up a little, try wearing bangles on your arms instead of wrists.

Starburst Studs

Diamond Gemstone Studs14k Yellow Gold Starburst Earrings featuring a center stone of either opal or turquoise surrounded by diamonds. $475 each

We just love how fun these studs are!  We can see them becoming a part of a fabulous mix and match stud collection, but of course, they are also perfect for punching up a look on their own.

Black Spinel Crescent Necklace

Diamond and Black Spinel Necklace14k Yellow Gold Adjustable Black Spinel and Diamond Crescent Necklace. $995

Layering necklaces is still a top trend and also one of our favorites. This piece is a great addition because of its versatility. The black spinel gives the necklace a little more “oomph” making it a great piece to wear alone, but it is also simple enough that you can pair it with a longer necklace (or two) for a multi-faceted style.




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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Reflection on the Trends of BaselWorld 2017


Well, the Baselworld 2017 watch and jewelry exhibition has come to a close and we can sit back and reflect on the trends we believe will make their way to wrists around the world this year.

Top among the trends was a revival of mixed metals. In fact, two-tone watches — with stainless steel and 18-karat rose gold coming together in one timepiece — were all the rage. In some instances two-tone watches made their appearance in an effort to usher in less expensive prices than all-gold, but in other instances, it was all about the look. A sleek rose gold bezel against a steel case has impressive appeal. However, gold isn’t stepping aside to let the two-tone looks dominate — gold is still going strong. We saw a little yellow gold emerging, but rose gold is still in vogue.

Color also gains attention this year, with beautiful dials in pale shades of pink, blue and green. Chocolate and slate gray also reign as top dial choices for both men and women. Straps emerge strongly in all hues, including bright white, orange, red, yellow and rich fall colors.

new breitling

Navitimer Rattrapante


As predicted, we saw a lot of sport watches, especially chronographs, making their appearance, as well. Many of those sport watches follow a theme, such as dive watches, pilot or aviation-inspired watches and auto-inspired pieces — all with rugged, yet refined, appeal.

Finally, women’s watches are stealing the limelight as more and more brands unveiled pieces dedicated to ladies. Crafted in steel, gold and other materials, the newest women’s watches are either highly classic in look, sporty chic or over-the-top with diamonds.


Patek Philippe Calatrava

All of these trends will be flowing our way with new product in our cases throughout the year, so we invite you in any time to see the latest and greatest timepieces.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

April’s Birthstone: The Brilliant Diamond

diamond studs

Arguably the most well known of the fine gemstones, diamonds have been desired by both women and men alike for thousands of years. For those of you with April birthdays, you are extra lucky to have this gem as your birthstone, because although it is a commonly used stone, it is one of the most unique and fascinating.

A diamond goes through a lot before you see it in your favorite piece of jewelry. Most diamonds formed more than a billion years ago deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. As the earth shifts, they are ejected violently upward until they arrive at or near the surface where they are then mined, cleaned and cut.

Besides its brilliant sparkle, diamonds are also known for their hardness. They are the hardest material on earth and can only be scratched by another diamond. This quality makes them perfect for any type of jewelry, especially rings!

When looking to buy a diamond consider the 4Cs (Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat Weight), created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as the universal language of diamond quality. Any qualified jeweler will be able to tell you all about these qualities and how to use them to find your own beautiful diamond.

While diamonds are most known in their colorless state,  fancy colored diamonds have recently made an impact in the luxury jewelry world. This is due to their rarity and aesthetic combination of a diamond’s sparkle and beautiful color, that is hard to match. Diamonds naturally come in several colors including yellow, red, pink, blue and green, but only 1 in 100,000 diamonds mined display enough natural color to be designated as a fancy color diamond.  Because of this, the more vivid the color, the more expensive the stone.

Check out our diamond gift guide for something special for the April baby in your life!




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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The World’s Biggest Watch Fair, BaselWorld, Starts Today


Every year since we can remember, the world’s largest and, perhaps, most important watch exhibition, BaselWorld, has taken place in Basel, Switzerland, in March. This year, the exhibition runs from March 23 until March 30. This is a huge affair, with hundreds of watch brands unveiling their newest timepieces — watches that are sure to set wrist trends for another year.

BaselWorld is a meeting of minds, of technology and craftsmanship. Here, in five separate buildings, as well as off-site, some of the best brands in the world unveil the watches that they have been secretly working on for years.

While we will bring you specific watch brand information after the show, here are five trends we expect to be prevalent this year:


Affordability. As global economics have a huge effect on watch lineups, we expect this year to see some more affordable timepieces with quality movements and great design. These will appeal more to the younger audiences and those being a bit more frugal this year.

Over the Top.  We also still expect to see some truly over-the-top watches: timepieces with astronomical complications, musical features, and top-of-the-line complexities. Along with that, we expect that diamond- and gemstone-set watches will be strong.

Color. This is the year for brands to make a color statement. From blue to red and from pale pink to white, color should abound this year. Along with colorful dials and straps, we may find some interesting new interchangeable straps.

Sporty Appeal. Chronograph watches, pilot watches, dive watches and watches inspired by the world of automotive racing will continue to steal the spotlight. We look forward to seeing the newest affiliations and iterations from the brands we carry.

Connectivity. Smart watches in the “traditional” watch world continue. Let’s see what is unveiled this week.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rolex Rated the World’s Most Reputable Brand


We all know Rolex has a pristine reputation, but that fact has been proven by the Global RepTrak 100 rankings. According to the Reputation Institute that publishes the list on corporate reputations, Rolex topped the ranking — for the second year in a row.

Interestingly, Rolex was the only watch brand listed on the Top 100 ranking. It scored high for such factors as “offering high-quality products and services” to “stands behind its products and services.”



Rolex’s position at the top is key, as the brand beat out names like Amazon, eBay, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. The company that ranked second was Lego Group, with Walt Disney coming in third and Canon in fourth.

We invite you into our store anytime to see our grand collection of Rolex timepieces — from the most highly reputable company in the world.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Clock Lovers Won’t Want to Miss a Special ‘Winterthur’ Webinar This Sunday


If you love clocks and their history, you may well be interested in the upcoming webinar being offered by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). The webinar is entitled “Hidden History: Clock and Watch Records in the Riggs Archive at Winterthur.”

Taking place on Sunday, March 19, at 7 p.m. EST, the presentation will be made by Bob Frishman, a full-time restorer of antique clocks since 1992. He regularly lectures on the history, science and culture of timekeeping. The webinar is free. You can register for it at

If you are interested but not available on March 19, you can view a recording of the session as long as you have registered. winterthur2

Winterthur’s clocks number more than 100 and include chiming shelf clocks made in America more than a century ago. The Riggs Archives at Winterthur are part of the Winterthur Garden and Museum in Delaware. Winterthur was opened to the public almost 60 years ago by collector Henry Francis du Pont. It is considered one of the premier museums of decorative arts with nearly 90,000 objects on display. Winterthur is set amidst a 1,000-acre preserve of rolling meadows and woodlands in the town of the same name, about 7 miles northwest of Wilmington.

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