Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 10 colors for Fall- Pantone Report

Fall is just around the corner and many interested in fashion are watching the color wheel spin to see where it lands.
This upcoming season, the wheel is pointing to Mother Nature.  Expect to see deep earthy hues of every possible type. The fashion leaders will feature bold spins on greige (crossing the line between grey and beige- with hints of green). Accents and vibrant splashes of deep blues, oranges red and rust will collaborate to complement one another.  


Stormy Weather- Imagine October and sensing the weather change as the sky begins to darken just before a storm. This deep blue-grey mimics the murky warmth seen on a stormy crisp day. 

Oak Buff- This muted orange can be compared to the rusty leaves as they begin to change. Some have also compared it to the magnificent hue that appears just as the sun begins to paint the sky.


Marsala- Blending red, brown and maroon would be the best way to pinpoint this elegant tone. This is one of those elegant choices that compliments every skin tone.

Biscay Bay- Featuring a cool stir of Blue, Green and Teal, Biscay Bay is sure to delight. This mirrors the luxurious waters in Bora Bora.

Cadmium Orange: Sassy and daring, this hue demands attention. Awakening the spirit and bringing out the fun, this orange is a delight.

Dried Herb- This is a tamed version of the military green-brown tone seen years ago. Not quite bold enough to be called one or the other, this color is earthy at its best, some comparing it to soil.

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Cashmere Rose- This color has been pulled from the archives (think 60’s pink bathroom tiles), but brought back breathing new life. Feminine, Gentle, Romantic and Sweet are just a few words used to describe cashmere rose.

Desert Sage- Slate grey kissing a milky blue sky can best describe this beautiful shade. Warm and becoming, this will easily transition from one gender to the next. Fashion for men will feature this color in many different ways- from dress shirts to socks.

Reflecting Pond-Blue Green merges with a deeper shade of grey to create this lagoon inspired selection.  What a delightful and attractive tint for this upcoming season.

Amethyst Orchid- This violet shade is so attractive that it almost gives off an own aroma. As sweet and soft as a blooming flower, this blush will be a welcomed addition to any wardrobe.