Monday, August 18, 2014

Trending in Fashion: Color Blocking, Here is the 411

Color blocking has been a fashion favorite for some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going away. With summer coming to an end shortly, we thought we’d share with you four ways to incorporate color blocking into your wardrobe before drab winter hits. First, what is color blocking? Color blocking is defined as the method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit, usually bold and bright colors. You may be thinking you can’t pull this style off, but you’d be wrong! It’s a lot easier than you think.

-          Head to Toe color blocking: This is the most well known and most worn type of color blocking, embodying the true definition of color blocking. Simply start with a color and pair with different hues. To pull off this dramatic look, start with a bright hue like fuchsia and don’t hold back! To carry this look into fall, try color blocking with one of Pantone’s fall 2014 colors, like Misted Yellow or Bright Cobalt. Complete the look with chunky gold jewelry. Go big or go home, right!

-          Weekend color blocking:  Our favorite type of color blocking, not to bold yet still a stand out! The trick to the weekend color block is pairing your brightly hued pants with denim or chambray. Try a vibrant red pants for summer and Radiant Orchid for fall! The important part is keeping the focus on the pants, so stick with neutral flats or pumps. Jazz up the look with a studded collar.

-          Work appropriate color blocking: This look is very similar to the weekend color blocking look, but paired with black, tailored separates. It can be difficult to wear color in the work place but teaming a vibrant hue with black will leave you feeling fashionable and work-appropriate!

-          Pastel color blocking: This type of color blocking is perfect for the end of summer. Pair light pastel hues like blush and lavender with dark, wintery colors like olive and navy.

There you have it, color blocking 101. Now that we’ve given you some ideas on how to pull this trend off, will you be sporting any of these looks?  We also want to hear from you, send us your color blocking looks or tell us which type of color blocking is your favorite on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! 

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