Tuesday, December 2, 2014

St Christopher Jewelry, a sign of love and protection

In the spirit of the holidays and worldly travelers alike, there is a resurgence of the St Christopher medallion. Whether worn as a necklace slide, pin or pocket coin, it has been cherished by many over the years as a token of safety and security.

Traditionally, you will see St. Christopher carrying a child, however over the years the image has changed some. The image was originally formed from the legend as told in the Catholic Encyclopedia that depicted Christopher carrying travelers across water to safe and dry land. In this story, it further depicts a child who grew heavier with each and very step. When questioned as to why this was happening, it was shared that the child was in fact Jesus Christ and the weight of the child represented the "weight of the world". The tidbit of this story was dated back to some 300+ years after Christopher's time, but has captured the hearts of believers around the world. St Christopher's image has been used by many to protect and keep their loved ones safe during times of travel.

This modern St Christopher slide is more than a beautiful work of art, it is an expression of love, protection and security . Click here to find out more or to purchase one of these amazing pieces for someone you love.