Friday, September 9, 2016

Sapphire Birthstones : Interesting Facts and Trending Jewelry Design

Those with the Sapphire birthstone are often looked upon as fortunate individuals. This brilliant stone has been around for centuries and cherished by several different powerful entities. From royalty to leaders of faith, the Sapphire has adorned robes, been embedded into goblets and draped on the body. This is because it has long been a symbol of nobility, wealth, good fortune and faith.
It may seen odd that men of faith were drawn to this stone. Well, their choice to select this gemstone is for a different reason than the wealthy. For the rich, royal and elite, it was a status symbol. However,  it was during the middle ages that men and women of faith saw it as blessing. The Sapphire is a gift from heaven.  The deep blue hues reminded the faithful of the vast blue sky. This brilliant color  represented heaven above. The Sapphire brought (and still brings) a sense of warmth and comfort to the spiritual all over the world. 

DID YOU KNOW - Sapphires Come in MANY Colors?

Some stones have multi-colored hues when looked at under different types of lighting. Look at the image above for a perfect example of what we mean by that. 

Another cool and unusual type of Sapphire is referred to as: The STAR Sapphire. The appearance of the star formation is known as an ASTERISM. White light reflects from a multitude of very small inclusions (the size of a needle) to create this pattern. 

Scroll below to see some current and trending sapphire pieces: 

Temple St. Clair Pendant
The Sorcerer pendant from Temple St. Clair beautifully showcases the wide array of sapphire colors available. It features blue, green, pink and orange sapphires. Temple St. Clair 18k yellow gold mixed sapphire pendant, $2,750.
Yellow Sapphire Ring
This cute ring from our Cherie Collection features yellow sapphires providing a fun alternative to the normal dark blue. 18k yellow gold yellow sapphire and diamond ring, $1,895.
AS29 black sapphire bracelet
For those of you who want to show off your dark side, this AS29 bracelet is a stunning choice. AS29 18k white gold black sapphire and diamond flower bracelet, $2,290.
Blue Sapphire Bangle
This simple bangle is a great way to add some color either alone or part of a stack. 14k white gold and blue sapphire bangle, $1,795.
Pink sapphire studs
Pink sapphire studs add a subtle yet fun accent to your look. 18k rose gold pink sapphire and diamond studs, $2,795.
AS29 Sapphire flower ring
We love the contrast of the dark metal and stones with the usually light flower design in this ring. AS29 18k white gold with black rhodium mini sapphire flower ring, $1,370,

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