Monday, May 2, 2016

Vintage Luxury Watches - Preowned Rolex - Shop Certified Authentic Watches

H1912 is the destination for Vintage Luxury Watches of every type, brand and year. Here we showcase Antique Rolex, Preowned Rolex and Vintage Watches you often can not see any place else.

Shop Preowned Rolex Watches - Certified and Guaranteed

So many more brands, years and styles. Simply Visit for all types of certified vintage watches, engagement rings and jewelry. 

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When you shop at H1912, you can be assured that:

  1. All vintage luxury watches are checked by watch and jewelry experts, trained gemologists and watchmakers. These professionals authenticate each piece.
  2. All metal types are thoroughly tested and brand stamps are authenticated.
  3. There is an extensive evaluation performed on the quality, color and authenticity of any gemstone or diamond.
  4. All certified vintage luxury watches are carefully restored to its original design and aesthetic. This includes polishing, replacing stones, replacing batteries and bringing back the any and all features.
  5. H1912 issues a Certificate of Quality & Authenticity. This ensures the piece is authentic and that the quality is guaranteed.