Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vintage Bridal Jewelry - Shop Unique Engagement Rings and Bridal Jewelry - H1912 specializes in vintage and antique jewelry. They are the leading online jeweler to offer Vintage Luxury Jewelry.  
Browse from an extensive selection of Vintage Bridal Jewelry including engagement rings, bridal bands and statement pieces.


H1912 features unusual and beautifully crafted jewelry from many different brands. This company is committed to the complete restoration of vintage and antique watches, bracelets, rings and more.

Why Choose as your Vintage Bridal Jewelry Specialist?
  1. Every item is checked by our in-house team of watch and jewelry experts, trained gemologists and watchmakers who authenticate each piece.
  2. We test metal types, authenticate brand stamps, and evaluate the quality, color and authenticity of any gemstone or diamond.
  3. We then work with each piece to restore its original design and aesthetic, polishing, replacing stones, replacing watch batteries and more.
  4. We then issue our Certificate of Quality & Authenticity, which ensures the piece is authentic and that the quality is guaranteed. 

"We believe in the value and the unique design of the past. Each piece you purchase with us has a history and story to be told". -H1912
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Princeton, NJ 08542
or call us at: 609-924-1363