Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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You really can not go wrong with gifting someone a thoughtful gift featuring their birthstone. This is a personal touch to add and will always be welcomed with gratitude.

Birthstones by Month

January Birth Stone is the Garnet. Sometimes this stone is confused with the Ruby, as it reveals a deep maroon hue.
February Birth Stone is the Amethyst. This radiant purple is feminine and charming.
March Birth Stone is the Aquamarine. This blue is as clear and alluring as the sky in Spring.

April Birth Stone is the Diamond. These lucky birthday girls get the top pick of them all!

May Birth Stone is the Emerald. This stone is regal, bold and rich. This deep green is unlike any other.

June Birth Stone is the Pearl. Some may argue that the pearl is not a stone, but there is no questioning that it is a precious treasure. 

July Birth Stone is the Ruby. This Ruby is synonymous with sophistication and class.

August Birth Stone is the Peridot. This greenish yellow stone is an unusual hue, but nothing short of radiant. 
September Birth Stone is the Sapphire. This deep blue is like plunging into the deep sea.

October Birth Stone is the Pink Tourmaline. This stone is as feminine as it gets. Fit for a princess of any age. 

November Birth Stone is the Topaz. This stone is often confused with the Aquamarine and Zircon gemstone. This tinted light blue is truly spectacular. 
December Birth Stone is the Zircon. This is another blue that is very close to the Topaz or Aquamarine stones. The Zircon is a warm sky blue on a bright summer day. 

Birthstones make great gifts for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Retirement
  • God Child
  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Girlfriend
  • Best Friend
  • Push Presents

Mother's Day- Here is a great opportunity to express the love that comes only from Mom. Choose pendants, charms or a delicate piece that represents the one who takes care of everyone. Choose the birthstones of the children or the entire family. Adding Mom as the focal point by placing her stone in the center or around the others is also an interesting twist. 

Female Child- Choosing a birth stone as a gift for a child can be a really sentimental offering. Often choosing a necklace slide is appropriate for children. 

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