Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Traditional vs. the SMART Watch: Who Wins?

Apple versus Tradition, who is winning this one?

With decades of luxury timepieces and designer influenced works of art, it is hard to imagine that the world is going to convert entirely to technology based jewelry. This is a hot debate, however, as we are seeing more and more "smart" things adorning bodies in many facets.

It was only a few short months ago that Apple has revealed their new SMART watch, although these will not be available to purchase until some time next year. This "watch" is getting attention and although it does have some fairly cool features, the more traditional watch is hardly a comparison.  Although this concept is not new, Apple is expected to retail more glamorous versions- offering a blend of both high tech function and trending style. While we can all appreciate the desire to make these timepieces fashionable, the truth is, they are in no way intended to compete with tradition.  Apple has designed these to work together with the newer versions of the iphone. Applications such as multiple time zones, health monitoring, Twitter, Facebook and GPS walking/driving directions are just a few of the features becoming available in the form of a watch.

It is highly doubtful that giants such as Rolex and TAG Heuer will be put out of business by the technology of Apple's new phone-band wristwatch. This is still a hot debate and only a matter of opinion, of course...we shall wait for the market to dictate the true "winner".

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