Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ring Builder: Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring


When it comes to setting the budget, there are a few ways the suitor can plan ahead. Options such as establishing a monthly payment arrangement, low interest installment plans and direct financing are just a few of the possibilities.

The most important thing is to choose and purchase the ring that she wants and not necessarily the ring you can afford now. becoming comfortable with a payment plan that fits into your budget is often the best solution for couples.

Choosing the Setting:
Now that you have established your financial "comfort zone", it is now time to "build your ring", first stop: Settings.
There are endless variation when it comes to selecting the settings of a ring, however these 4 basics are the most popular choices: Soltiare, Side Stone, Vintage/Antique and Three Stone.

Solitaire: This consists of a single stone with  prongs that permit the exquisite diamond to catch and reflect the most light and brilliance. It is important to know that while a 4 prong system showcases more of the gem, 6 prongs is more secure. 
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Side Stone: This style is created when diamonds or other gemstones are added to the band to increase color, sparkle and thickness. The most popular selection is the "Channel". This is created by keeping the additional stones flush, providing security of the stones and allowing more light.

Three Stone: This ring consists of 3 stones which represent- the Past..The Present..The Future. The significance of this ring is often the reason behind its selection.Although these are most often 3 diamonds, colored gemstones have been trending over the last few years. In some cases, the future bride chooses a diamond and his and her birthstones.

Vintage-inspired: This includes ‘halo’ settings which feature a center diamond with pavé diamonds surrounding it. 
Estate and antique inspired settings are most frequently composed of intricate engraving and filigree.This setting is traditonally the "halo" which features a diamond in the middle with pave diamonds all around. Pavé is many small diamonds that are set very close together, sometimes in a specific pattern.

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