Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Standing the Test of Time: The Tennis Bracelet

All throughout history there have been hand crafted jewelry designs and trending fashion pieces come in and out of style, only to re-appear again. There are only a few that have the classic ability to stand the test of time, one being the Tennis Bracelet. 
This beautiful circle of diamonds that gracefully drips off the wrists of women everywhere was popular long before getting its clever nickname. How is that such a divine piece of jewelry would become known as the "tennis bracelet" anyway? 

It was actually by accident, literally, that this name came to be back in 1987. During the US Open, Chris Evert was grasping her racket and about to follow through with her infamous back hand, when all of a sudden her diamond bracelet broke and flew across the court. She asked for the game to be paused as she searched for her bracelet as onlookers were curious as to what was happening. This brief mishap led to a push in popularity for this bracelet, as women everywhere had to have one.

The average tennis bracelet is made of diamonds set in a single row. They are traditionally set in either white or yellow gold. This is appealing to many women because of the simple yet stately elegance. This is the reason why the tennis bracelet is as popular today as when it fell off of the wrist of Chris Evert back in the 80's.

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