Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEWS: RARE Purple Orchard Diamond Mined Out Of South Africa Making Debut In Hong Kong

This extraordinary purple diamond is a RARE find and about to make its debut. Named the “Purple Orchid” because of its radiant color and clarity, this 3.37 carat stunning gem is a natural diamond.
Leibish & Co. will be introducing the glamorous Purple Orchid Diamond at the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair. The clarity of this beautiful stone has been rated VS2 and it has been cut from over 4 carats to the 3.37 being displayed at the fair. The location has been sourced as the Kimberly Mine in South Africa.
There are only two other sources besides South Africa from which a diamond such as this can be mined: Russia and Brazil. There are distinct differences between the other two mines, however. South African purple diamonds lend a brilliant purple tone while Russians purple diamonds have a bluish tint and Brazils have orange undertones. There is no doubt that the South African Purple Orchid is brilliant and captivating.
Although there is no real scientific reasoning behind the purple tones, it has been established that yellow diamonds gets their radiance from nitrogen and blue from boron. It has been suspected that the purples are derived from some sort of hydrogen exposure, but it has not been fully established.

Because of the mystery behind this type of earthly treasure, this stone will without a doubt be a show stopper.

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