Thursday, July 31, 2014

Standing Out In The Crowd: Trending Watches/Timepieces

Unusual watches vary and put the design limits to the test. The vast majority of these eclectic pieces have a very unique look and feel about them. There is usually no ordinary theme to them and are for the crowd that wants to stand out from the rest. A watch can vary by material, color, style and shape. What makes a watch unique is the combination of these four factors.

The material of the watch is one of the most unique factors and one that can really make a watch stand out from the rest. Watches can be made out of anything you can form in a watch that is durable such as gold, stainless steel, titanium, platinum, tungsten carbide, ceramic, plastic, wood and more.

The color of a watch will also make the watch stand out especially if it’s a bright color. If a watch is made from plastic, then it can be any color one can imagine. You’ll see watches in funky colors and some in black or white. Watches made of gold are of course only going to be the color of gold but can be unique by having a different color wristband. The options can be anywhere from quirky and fun to elegant and sophisticated. (see image below of  ROLEX CELLINI CELLISSIMA

Referring to the face of the watch, the shape can really define a watch. The most common watch shapes are square, rectangular and round. Unusual watches would include shapes such as hexagonal, oval, trapezoid and varieties of the most common. Finding a watch with an unusual shape will definitely be a way to wear something that everyone else is not.

A timepiece is truly a representation of fashion and style that links directly to you. Today, many unique watches are made compared to the past. The technology of watches has evolved and nowadays watches can be very complex. Watches no can have alarms, time zones, dates, thermometers, compasses, ocean wave charts and many other gadgets. Watches have either been digital or analog but recently watches have been made into a combination of both.

One of the most extreme unusual watches is manufactured by DEVON. The watch is called Tread which has a set of interwoven belts with numbers to display the time. The one belt displays the hour and the other displays the minute. The see-through top shows some inter working which is really cool to see the gears and mechanics of. The movement isn't mechanical or electric but a hybrid of the two. The unique design requires a lot of energy to operate so it has a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which needs to be charged every few weeks.  The specifications of the Tread include a stainless steel case, 1mm sapphire crystal, water resistant, lithium polymer rechargeable battery, inductive wireless charging and nylon time belts. 
Devon Watch
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