Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Arabesque Jewelry Design - Timeless classic combining femininity and strength


The arabesque design may be equally thought of as both art and science. The artwork is at the same time mathematically precise, aesthetically pleasing, and symbolic. 

The term ARABESQUE describes an artistic approach to a scrolling pattern. This timeless design is seen int he form of delicate swirls, interlocking tendrils and feminine bursts that may resemble a floral pattern. They can be elaborate and intricate or adorned with gemstones and diamonds. Plain designs with thick interlocking lines, are often misconstrued as tribal patterns. 

Adult coloring books are a hot trend right now. Often the Arabesque patterns are featured in the pages of these booklets. Mainly because the rhythmic flow of the lines are relaxing and pleasing. They are aesthetically attractive to almost every culture and social class. 

The unique twists and swirls invoke feelings. Like the roots of a tree or the intertwining connection of two souls, it is hard to describe. There is typically a story that unfolds when you capture it's beauty. Often in jewelry, there is a private tale unique to the wearer. For one reason or another, the pattern relates deeply to many people. Feelings are embedded and represent  people, places and things. 

Arabesque captures memories, unity, hope, beauty, lust, forgiveness & strength.

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