Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 4 Celebrity Engagement Rings from 2015

Another year..another celebrity engaged.
Let's look back at the top choices from 2015.

This heart diamond is nothing short of romantic, can you believe it in the hand of Lady Gaga? This stone is reported to have cost a mere half a million dollars. She was proposed to on Valentines Day of last year.

Hough-ly Diamond!

Round shapes are still trending. Julianne Hough took it step further with this oval engagement ring. This extraordinary beauty is wearing a 7-carat stone properly set in a delicate thin band. Timeless.

Classic Emmy

This natural beauty proudly displays her classic platinum band with round solitaire. Emmy Rossum is a sophisticated classic beauty and her ring is exactly like her.

Absolutely Brie-liiant

Allison Brie now engaged to Dave Franco and the ring is stunning. 
The band is composed of romantic rose gold with a orbital round stone. Reports have placed this ring in the $100,000+ range.


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