Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Commitment to Social Responsibility- Happy Earth Day from Hamilton Jewelers

Here at Hamilton, we celebrate Earth Day every day with our commitment to social responsibility and environmental consciousness in every aspect of our business. 

As jewelers, it starts from the ground up, literally.  Where and how one gets their materials is an important aspect of the overall environmental impact.  Gemstone and metal mining has long been a topic of controversy.  Gold mining especially, has been known to be a dangerous and harmful process if not carefully monitored.  These “dirty” practices have led to environmental issues such as toxic waste dumping, acid drainage, mercury pollution and deforestation.  

The only way to limit the amount of poor mining practices is to stand up against them.  This is why we are dedicated to procuring gemstones, diamonds and precious metals that are obtained through socially and environmentally responsible means, and have strict requirements in every step of our supply chain.

As a business, we strive to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible during our daily operations.  We do this through such measures as energy efficient lighting and power in our stores, printing our media and collateral materials on FSC recycled paper, utilizing digital and electronic communication whenever possible, OSHA compliant waste disposal, and more.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that most of the beautiful jewelry in front of us started as materials obtained from the earth. This is something that we should all keep in mind on this Earth Day and all days to come so we can try together to preserve the beauty of the world.

Visit The Responsible JewelryCouncil’s Website and our Social Responsibility Page to learn more about our dedication to ethical and responsible business practices.

As a reputable jewelry store in NJ- Hamilton Jewelers takes our ethical responsibilities seriously. We employ only superior standards of practice and are careful to address issues related to: Human rights, labor practices, environmental issues, mining practices as well as other related topics.