Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baume & Mercier Unveils Clifton Perpetual Calendar


It isn’t every day a Swiss watch brand in the affordable luxury category, such as Baume & Mercier, unveils a more expensive complicated watch. In fact, for this brand, it is only about once a year. To demonstrate its technical savior-faire and true watchmaking capabilities, once annually for the past five years, Baume & Mercier has released a specially made complicated piece in its much-loved Clifton collection. This year, that piece is a perpetual calendar watch.


The Clifton Perpetual Calendar features a silver opaline dial with day, date, month, leap year and moon phase indications. The perpetual calendar tracks day, date (taking into account different lengths of the months), month, year, leap year and moon phases via a mechanical memory of 1,461 days (four years).

Crafted in 18-karat 5N rose gold, the watch is powered by an automatic Vaucher 5401 base caliber that features a Dubois Depraz 5100 module for tracking the celestial factors, such as moon phase and perpetual timing.


Baume & Mercier designed and developed the concept in its Geneva headquarters, and the finishing and  assembly in the its Les Brenets (Jura Mountains) workshops. The dial — harmoniously balanced with four sundials — is slightly domed, and its fine silver opaline finish gives it a vintage appeal. The watch deftly achieves what it set out to do: demonstrate the abilities of the Baume & Mercier designers and watch makers.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

3 Ways to Wear Fall’s Biggest Trend: Pearls

If you haven’t already heard, pearls are one of the top trends in jewelry and have no intention of slowing down. While there are many unconventional pearl designs being featured, one thing that stood out to us this year was the use of traditional strands of pearls stylized in non-traditional ways.

Luckily, this is a trend many can get on board with as pearls tend to be more affordable than their gemstone counterparts and are extremely versatile, hence extending their use and overall value.40in Pearl Necklace

Read below to discover our favorite runway inspired ways to incorporate pearls into your fall wardrobe.


Fall layering isn’t just for clothes. Slip on some leggings and pair your sweater dress with multiple strands of pearls in all lengths, like this look  from the Chanel runway. Our 40 inch freshwater pearl necklace featured to the left is a great way to capture this trend since you can wear it long, or double it up. Not only can you layer on necklaces, but stacks of pearl rings will pack a punch and turn what would individually be uninspiring into a true fashion statement as is showcased with our pearl rings in the image below.

Pearl Rings

Casual Chic:

This fall is all about blending the lines between traditional and modern and this next look is no exception. Wear a collar brushing short strand of pearls or simple pearl studs like in the image below, with a classic button down shirt and mix it up by completing your outfit with a denim, bomber or military style jacket, all of which have been very popular for the coming colder months. View some  inspiration for this style  from the Miu Miu Fall runway.

Pearl Studs


Mixed Materials:

Pearls are wonderfully universal and give you the opportunity to mix and match your strands with other types and styles of jewelry.  One of our favorite mixes is a classic strand paired with a chain (or two) like what Moschino displayed pearl styleduring their fall runway. This style gives off a more youthful look and plays with the perception of traditional versus edgy. Get the look with the Ippolita Glamazon Link Necklace and any of our pearl necklaces. Or, take the look to your wrist with our simple and super affordable freshwater pearl bracelet and our statement making pyramid cuff.


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Patek Philippe Unveils 40th Anniversary Nautilus Watches



Patek Philippe is considered one of the benchmark Swiss watch brands, and one we are happy to carry in our store. This year, we have all been anticipating the unveiling of the brand’s newest Nautilus watches that celebrate the 40th anniversary of their unveiling in 1976. Well, the watches were unveiled last week and they are beauties.

Much like the first ever Nautilus, they feature the port-hole-inspired case shape with hinges on the sides. There are two models that — unlike the original steel version — are crafted in platinum for the three-hands version and in 18-karat white gold for the flyback chronograph watch.


Ref. 5711/1P Nautilus three-hands watch is being built in a limited edition of 700 pieces in platinum. It is powered by the self-winding 324-SC movement that offers three hands and date indication at 3:00. The more complicated 49.25mm Ref. 5976/IG Nautilus Flyback Chronograph in 18-karat white gold is being built in an edition of 1,300 pieces. This watch is powered by the CH 28-520 self-winding flyback chronograph 327-part movement.

Both watches are offered with alluring blue plated 18-karat gold dials with alternating horizontal stripes of dark and light blue. Each dial is inscribed with a notation that recalls the 40th anniversary: “1976 – 40 – 2016.” Additionally, both of the timepieces hold the Patek Philippe Seal.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Finding the Right Wedding Band Material: Men’s Edition

mens wedding bands

The variety of metals being used for men’s wedding bands has greatly increased over the years. While traditional metals are still around and here to stay, some alternative materials are being turned into beautiful rings that can stand the test of time and are becoming more and more attractive to today’s couples. Scroll down below to read about each of the materials.

While looking for your wedding band there are a few key things you should keep in mind:

Lifestyle: How you spend your days can have a big impact on the type of ring you should get. If you are working with your hands most of the day, look for a metal that is strong and also comfortable. If you are not as active, you can opt for a softer or heavier material.

Matching: Discuss with your bride to be if you want to have matching wedding bands. Find out what material she wants and you can easily find something made from the same or visually similar.

Wedding band Materials



Considered the cream of the crop for many, platinum gives off a bright, shiny appearance while also being extremely durable and resistant to tarnishing and oxidation. Platinum is a good choice for anyone, especially if you have an active lifestyle. The one downside to platinum is the price. It is 30 times more rare than gold so you can expect to pay a nice premium to get a band in this high quality material. If you are looking for a band that will last a lifetime with minimal care, ultimately, platinum is worth the investment.



Gold has always been a traditional choice for wedding jewelry and although there is a rise in platinum, gold still remains more common. Because pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry,  it is mixed with other alloys to strengthen it. These alloys also affect the color; there are typically three gold colors to choose from: Yellow, Rose and White. The purity of gold is measured in Karats. The higher the Karat, the purer the gold.  It’s easy to see why gold has been a standard for so long. There are a wide variety of options in gold and with a little care, it can last a long time.

Sterling Silver


Silver is the most affordable of the precious metals, but also the softest and is prone to scratches. A silver wedding band tarnishes just like any other piece of silver, so upkeep is a little more involved than with other metals. While we don’t recommend getting a sterling silver band for the long term, it is a good option if you want to buy something affordable now and save up for a higher quality ring in a few years.



Alternative metals have become increasing popular in men’s wedding bands as they offer more lightweight and durable options. Cobalt is a great alternative to platinum as it naturally gives off a bright white hue and is even four times harder. It is heavier than other alternative materials, giving the ring some weight which could be good or bad depending on your comfort. If you are looking for something a little different, cobalt rings are also commonly found in black, and because of its malleability, you can find cobalt rings in a variety of designs.


titanium copy

Titanium is a great option if you aren’t used to wearing jewelry. It is lightweight but also one of the strongest metals and is practically scratch resistant. The downside to titanium is that it cannot be resized, so if your size changes, you would have to get a new ring.



If you are looking for a ring that can withstand anything, tungsten is a good bet. It is four times harder than titanium and provide a nice shine that won’t scratch. Because it is so hard, tungsten rings cannot be resized, so be very careful when choosing your ring size.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

October’s Unique Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

October babies have the luck of having two beautiful birthstones to celebrate this month, Opal and Tourmaline. Read below for info, tips and designs featuring these two stunning stones.


Most commonly known birthstone for October, opal is truly as unique a gemstone as they come. In fact, no two opals are exactly alike. The stunning play of color given off by an opal is caused by light diffracting off of tiny spheres arranged in a variety of patterns that make up the stone.

Because of its ability to display a variety of colors, the opal has longed believed to be the luckiest and most powerful of all stones. Arabic legends say it falls from the heavens in flashes of lightning; the ancient Greeks believed opals gave the owners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease.

Artists and writers have also gained inspiration from this unique stone, comparing it to volcanoes, galaxies and fireworks.

Caring for your opal: Opals are a more delicate stone and must be taken care of properly to maintain its luster. Wearing opal as earrings or pendants are recommended as they will be less exposed to wear and tear than if set in a ring. Clean your opal in warm water with a mild detergent using a soft brush or cloth. Prevention is the best way to take care of your gems, so consider your lifestyle and where you would wear your opal piece if you decide to celebrate your birthday with one. Keeping these in mind will be well worth having a dazzling opal for years to come.


The second birthstone, tourmaline is also unique in that it comes in a large variety of colors and is sometimes multi-colored. Very few gems can compare to the tourmaline’s dazzling range of colors. From rich reds, to pastel pinks and peach colors, intense greens to vivid yellows and deep blues, the diversity of this gem’s color range is unmatched.  A special type of multi-colored tourmaline with green on the outside and pink on the inside is appropriately named the watermelon tourmaline.

In general, tourmaline has been said to be a powerful detoxification stone that invites positive energy. In traditional Hindu belief systems, tourmaline is thought to balance the energies within the body.

Caring for your tourmaline: Unlike opal, tourmaline is rather durable and is well suited for all types of jewelry. It does help to wipe it down with a mild soap and warm water every once in a while as they do tend to collect dust particles.


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